Zanoralu (b. 3385 d. 3300) was Zanelek of the Ushanghalin Empire, and Elek of Ushaora from -3358 until his death in -3300. He was the 4th Zanelek from the coronation of Ushanghal and oversaw the Triple Alliance which re-solidified the Peroatlan Elekalhana for another few generations before the empire began to collapse in the 3100s.

Life Edit

Zanoralu was born in -3385 in Ushaora to Zanelekpein Zanarok II while Zanarok I was still on the throne. The -3380s were dominated by the standoff between the mainland provinces and Atalha, which had spurned an imperial delegation the year before Zanoralu's birth. By Zanarok II's coronation in -3380, tensions had reduced somewhat, with an uneasy peace throughout the empire for the next 15 years. In -3366, Solatal, the Elek of Atalha declared full independence from the Empire- a move which shaped the understanding of the world for Zanoralu. He later wrote that his father "Made known the great importance of the whole of the [Peroatlan] nation to the security and progress of our people. He was singularly driven to hold together the domain of our grandfather".

Zanoralu rose to the throne in Ushaora in -3358 at the age of 27. The first years of his reign involved the continued nominal war between the Empire and Atalha, though no real fighting had taken place.