This page will outline the variety of written records and histories from the time of the Ushanghali Empire. Most of these records are among the first written histories or documents known to be standardized among Peroatlans.

Histories Edit

Zanelek - A biographical history of Ushanghal, first Zanelek and founder of the Ushanghali Empire

Zanelekalha'an - A near contemporary history written about the world known to the Peroatlans

Omabeximan - The holy text of Zanomaroshtexe (Zanomateke) providing the creation stories and describing the pantheon of gods/demigods

Ushanghal'alha Tamishemshekian - The Annals of Ushanghal'alha, a compiled record of the Ushaoran court surrounding it's war for the Caratis Valley with the Feshans. during the reign of Zanoralu II. Considered the first contemporary narrative written in Dodepi, it is considered an embellished version of the true events of the time.

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