The Perocadh Peninsula is a major geographical feature of Kakhor, making up almost a third of the continent's landmass. It is bordered to the north by the [Northern Sea], to the west by the bay of Redcah and northwestern Kakhor at large, to the southwest by the Chezouden valley, and to the south and East by the Atlan sea and Zanatal. It is one of the most central and powerhoused regions in all history, and has been owned and fought over my many empires and kingdoms.

Timeline Edit

Prehistory Edit

  • -10000 humans of the proposed Proto-Equitorial family are nomadically roaming south of the Mazedian sea after the sinking of land bridges to Zointh.
  • c. -6500 the Proto-Feshan, Proto-Decadhach, and Proto-Peroatlan groups split into their various regions around this time, with Proto-Peroatlan and Siwesiwin Ethnic families moving eastward into the Peninsula. It's unknown if Siwesin peoples were already in the Peninsula and unrelated or another sibling family to Proto-Peroatlans.
  • -5000 agricultural societies begin to dot the coastlines and river valleys, with interior societies slowly moving from hunter-gatherer to subsistence tribal villages.
  • -4500 One of the first city states founded around this time is Peroth, on the northern coast of the Peninsula. One of the first walled cities known.
  • -4000 by this time, other city states of Peroatlan origin appear along the coast and major rivers in the north and south. Evidence of Dhecadhach artifacts as far as the Atlan Sea coast indicate extensive trade grew at this time.

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