Omabeximan (The Scriptures) is the holy text of Peroatlan Polytheism, also known as Zanomateke. The earliest written versions of which were from the Ushanghalin Empire, and the oldest surviving manuscripts are from the Temple of Ushassi, dated to around -2750.

Text Edit

Original Proto-Peroatlan Edit

a maxado, Omaross po loneadopavi. dopavi po tifu ot nun po esae ut. Rokomarossan po efisu, ot te po dep:

"i pa efisu, ot rokina pa loneadopavi. i pe maxututi dilunapaxeni."

dilunapaxeni po maxu, Omarosskani otfutin. Ussasi, Imira, ot Orate po maxutute.

English Edit

In time of Creation, Omaross was alone in the universe. The universe was empty, and nothing moved in it. Omaross was sad in his heart, and he said:

"I am sad, and my heart is alone in the universe. I will make for my self three companions"

Three companions he made, Omaross the strong and wise. Ushasi, Imira, and Orate he made for himself.

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